Crafty Card

Have you heard about “The joy of paper mail” ? 

In the midst of chasing after the dollars, the best academic results and meeting deadlines, the ones that are dearest to us are oftentimes neglected.

We have been so buried in our own little world and have forgotten to stop to send some joy, care, love, gratitude and appreciation to people who are special around us. 

So much so that we have forgotten the actual joy of actually receiving something meaningful in the mail.

Something that are not just junks, advertisements and bills.

This is joy of paper mail.

Bring the joy back with Crafty Card. Send a joy.—————————————————————————————————————————-

“I have a feeling it would bring a bigger smile to her face than an email or e-card could. There is something special about seeing the handwriting of someone you care about, and knowing that the paper you are holding they also held, before it was sent across the miles. And of course, it’s nice to know that someone took the time to write to you, and then bring the letter to the mailbox, too.” – Laura Jeanne

“It’s a great way to slow my busy world down. When I pull out multiple cards from my glistening treasure (PO) box; it’s like everything stops and I get to enjoy that moment completely.” – Mary, (Maryland, USA)


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