A Personalized Card of Encouragement – Taekwondo

Just a couple of days ago, i met up with a customer to pass her this personalized card.
She’s so full of passion and positivity (: Β She totally made my day xD

This time round…the card was a quite a challenge (but soooo much fun!) for me.

I’ve spent some time cracking my brain to think how i should execute it – Taekwondo theme.

Moreover, prior to this, i have zero knowledge of Taekwondo and after some reading up and research; I’ve gained some understanding of it during the midst of making this card.

And here’s the detailed finished card…. πŸ™‚

The idea behind the card was to highlight the different stages of the belting system of this martial art. Since this card was to be given to her friend who’s obtaining the honor of black belt, i took the emphasis on it with a bigger crown.
Is it me or these gnomes are really adorable?
Basically i cut their tall hats off in replacement of a crown for each of them…coloured according to each belting system. love all da colours!
Since its an encouragement card, love love love the process of making the cute little pom pom out from The Twinery’s twine.

And that wraps up the introduction of this cute card that i’ve personalized for the occasion.
Would also like to take this opportunity to wish theΒ recipient of this card….All the best Β for your grading too !


If you are interested in ordering a personalized card to make it extra special,Β do not hesitate to drop us a message onΒ FacebookΒ or leave a Comment or Email me at craftycard@hotmail.com.


β€œOur personalized cards to convey your contemporary design sensibilities…”

Happy Sending some Love to your special one with Crafty CardΒ β™₯



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