For Fangzhi – A Graduation Card

Another personalized order from a dear friend of mine….

asking for me to make her boyfriend a graduation card (:

Was told that his favourite colour was blue; so i tried to keep the colour combination as closely as possible with touches of blue.

Cracked my mind a little…thinking of how to make a typical graduation card special…

and eventually came across a tutorial to make an interesting card out of a fold shape of a graduation hat!

I’m really pleased about how the card turned out to be exactly like how i wanted to be 🙂

The unique graduation hat card …

The card is measured the standard card size 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ but i was worried that the space to write message on will be insufficient for writing….

and so….I’ve added on another price of handmade “postcard” with the intention that she might be able to print out an instant photo (perhaps one with the happy duos during the grad ceremony that day) and paste it infront of the “postcard” with little message on it (:

The finished card with envelope and a postcard.

Hope this congratulation card did bring some smiles to the new graduate 🙂

A bright future ahead! Congratulations!

Hope u’ll feel the love from my dear friend =)


If you are interested in ordering a personalized card to make it extra special, do not hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or leave a Comment or Email me at


“Our personalized cards to convey your contemporary design sensibilities…”

Happy Sending some Love to your special one with Crafty Card ♥



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