From Sher to Boo – A very special B’day Card

With a request and the collaboration of a friend’s design for her boyfriend’s birthday…

I’ve taken up the challenge to make the most challenging card ever (yet).

The inspiration behind this card was taken by a pinterest picture, and the words was furnished by her.

The main requests of the card was; “Carbon Fibre texture, Orange, Masculine“.

I’ve spent almost a week to visit all the paper shops that i know of; trying to hunt down the carbon fibre texture paper.

Created a dimensional effect for the “BRANDON”.

the finished card turned out to be better than what i’ve expected (:

Orange looks really good against Black
Orange looks really good against Black

Unfortunately, i couldn’t find any [if u know where can i get such texture, please share the love 🙂] and replaced the texture with this unique leather-alike-paper.

Carbon Fibre turned Leather-alike-Paper
Carbon Fibre turned Leather-alike-Paper


Finished Card with envelope

Overall, it was a good experience and i definitely had fun piecing out the card like a puzzle….

and also playing with the alphabets to the perfect alignment.

Most importantly, the feedback that I’ve gotten from my friend that the card was well liked by her bf….& tt was definitely rewarding 🙂

From Sher to Boo – A very special B’day Card

With that….on behalf of Crafty Card.. We wish Brandon a very Happy Birthday.

Have a fabulous one with Sher 🙂


If you are interested in ordering a personalized card to make it extra special, do not hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or leave a Comment or Email me at


“Our personalized cards to convey your contemporary design sensibilities…”

Happy Sending some Love to your special one with Crafty Card ♥



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