For Karen…Fairy-tale B’day Card

I’ve got a friend who’s birthday happens to be today…

[ —Happy Birthday Karen—♥ ]

Its no secret that this friend of mine is an avid fan of fairytales, glitters, stars, rainbows, and GREEN.

and so with that…I’ve decided to make a card with those inspirations in mind.

Here goes…

May all your dreams come true with ….Unicorn, Castle,  Glossy Glittered Stars, Rainbows over the Green Meadows, Clear Blue Cloud.

A card is never complete without an envelope.

And so … I’ve made an envelope in green (of cos) and decided to give it an extra personal touch to emboss my friend’s name “Karen” on it. Have to admit that the wind that day doesn’t help and the emboss powder went abit astray.

But overall, it’s my first attempt in making a cute-sy card with critters and i hope it’s still up to expectations.

The finished card with the envelope.

Loved how the back of the envelope looks… since i’m a fan of minimalistic and simplicity.

The “K”  from the  October Afternoon 9 To 5 Olive & Cream Sticky Keys Alphabet Stickers stood out really well in the sea of emerald green cardstock envelope.

Added a “K” behind to seal the envelope

Added green lines washi tape bottom border in the inside of the card to go along with the “Happy Birthday to YOU!” sentiments.

For Karen – Fairy-tale B’day Card

With that….Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Have a Magical one 🙂


If you are interested in ordering a personalized card to make it extra special, do not hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or leave a Comment or Email me at


“Our personalized cards to convey your contemporary design sensibilities…”

Happy Sending some Love to your special one with Crafty Card 



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